Evil will always prevail if you do not act on it radically - A message to those who said violence will never solve the current situation of Nigeria. And accusing IPOB of violence.

It has come to my notice that citizens of Nigeria do not understand the level of damage of which the present administration has caused.

Everyone has been blaming Sunday Igboho, Mazi Nnamdi and every other agitators for the the current violence erupting in Nigeria. The same people has forgotten to ask how do the Nigeria state get to this level of destruction, nepotism, tribalism,and people seeking for self determination.

Earlier 2014, Boko Haram has been killing, bombing and destroying livelihood just because they believe western education is evil, and the people of Nigeria believed that Former president Goodluck Ebere Jonathan were not capable to handle Bokoharam issues and voted for the Present Administration of President Buhari. 

After the present administration were sworn in, the level of destruction from boko Haram increased. Another destruction from Herdsmen erupt, of which we were made to believe it was herders and farmers clash. Up until today it has been herders killing people in there farmlands without any provocation, and the level of destruction from the herdmen has increased. Just like what happened in Iganga in Oyo State, upto 20 people were massacred for no just cause and for no provocation.

The current administration has tried so much they can to convince people to give out there land for ruga settlement for killer herders, of which many governors said no to there proposals. " How can you give a land to someone who can kill you at night for no just reason". Since the ruga settlement didn't workout, the herders started taking people land by force, killing and displacing people from there homeland. For example in TIV land in Benue state, Southern Kaduna in Kaduna state, Uzouwani in Enugu state. So many have been killed and and displaced by this herdsmen.

At some point, people of Nigeria became so tired of the current administration of buhari, for not being able to handle the killings performed by the herdsmen and some security operatives known as Sars. The western governors came together and set up Amotekun, a security unit of the south western Nigeria to protect there citizens against the herdmen and foreign invaders, whose intention is to kill, destroy or cause havoc to communities.

The people of the South Eastern Nigeria, hoped and lamented to there governors to set up a similar security outfit done by there counterparts in the South western Nigeria. The governor's of the South Eastern Nigeria could not actualize setting up a security network for a reason best known to them.

 On 12 December 2020, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, set up a security network known as Eastern Security Network, prior similar to Amotekun formed in the South West of Nigeria. The security network was formed based on request from people, to set up a security Network to protect them against herdmen and foreign invaders, since his capable of doing such.

Ever since the Eastern security network was formed, the Nigeria state sees it as an opposition and has been doing everything humanly possible to bring it down against the will of the people. When will the Nigeria state accept the peoples right to protect themselves from herders and foreign invaders. Or do they want the people dead, since the cannot provide adequate security measures for the people. Or are they in support of what the herders are doing?

Stop accusing those defending there land from foreign invaders and killers of violence and try as possible to neutralize the killer herders, bandit and all those with the intention to invade people. Because if you do not defend yourselves from a killer, the killer will eventually kill you. "evil will always prevail if you do not act on it radically"

By Chavas News
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